Once you contact NSH we get to work putting together a program just for you. You want results and a company that can make it happen!

Lawn Care Services (978)762-8737
Your Custom Program may

Golf Course grade fertilizer
Broadleaf Weed Control 
Crabgrass Control
Grub/Insect Control
Core Aeration

Other services include:
Tree & Shrub Program
Deer Repellent Applications
Flea & Tick Program
Natural Lawn Programs
3 ways NSH saves you money!

1)  The first is our progressive Pre-pay discount. And heres how it works: First year 5%, Second year 6%, Third year 7% and every additional year after that and beyond you will receive an additional 1% discount. It is important to prepay each season for additional savings.

2)  The Second way we save you money is our nice neighbor discount: For everyone you refer, you will receive $20 off your next scheduled application. This is UNLIMITED! *Neighbor must be in our service area and must sign up for an annual lawn care program. Prepaid customers will be given gift card of equal value

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